Jesus, The Light of the World

Jesus is the Light of the world, from eternity past all the way to eternity future. The genesis of creation was the Lamb slain before the foundation of the world and the Lamb will be the Light of heaven; no sun, moon or stars will be needed there.

The grace, mercy, love, and forgiveness of God is demonstrated through the incarnation. He came to earth, Jesus to be the Light of the World! A High Priest tempted in all points, felt our frailty, fully knew this human condition; and He lights the path for us by His example, by His Word, and as our Comforter!

The greatest power in any revelation is the complete application of it. We must never be guilty of having a knowledge of the Truth but denying the power of it! The power comes from a daily relationship with the One Who said, I am the Truth, the Way, and the Life! He also said, I am the Light of the World! Unpracticed truths are no better than idolatry.

So how do we practice this revelation that Jesus is the Light of the World?

1. Let Jesus be the Light that brings understanding, knowledge, and wisdom to your life. Where do you go for insight, wisdom, understanding, knowledge? The daily practice of asking Jesus to be the Light that guides our way is a foundational part of being His follower. The Light must never be replaced by leaning on our own understanding, a friend’s feelings, the conventional wisdom or norms of our day. All of those things may confirm what He shows us, but our relationship with Jesus must be the priority of our life.

2. Let the Light shine in the dark places of our life. Asking the Holy Spirit to shine like an X-ray light and pass over our mind, our heart, our mouth, etc. When the Light shines over those places of our life, that are busy in action, it can show us the motives and thoughts behind the actions. Often our actions and words carry an imbedded code from an unresolved area of brokenness or hurt. Jesus didn’t make you to live in anxiety, fear or stress. Surely we all have encounters with each of these, but they are not to be our chronic companions. Jesus, the Light of the world wants to give you a revelation that brings such clarity you can draw a line between the thought and the intent. He can flow through the counsel of a pastor or the wisdom of a Christian therapist to confirm and help us learn to live free from the pain of our past or bound by the limitations of our brokenness.

My prayer for you today is that you have an Encounter with Jesus the Light of the world today that is transformative. May He continue to Light your world and lead you to brighter days!

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