The Holy Ghost – Our Advocate

The accused entered the room for visitation. In a glance through the somewhat darkened glass between he and his Advocate, he realized he could see both his own reflection and make out the form and face of the Public Defender given responsibility for his case. Looking through the glass the young man could see the gentle smile of the the elderly Advocate.

Sitting down, he took the phone which would be the means of communicating their whole conversation. So close, just feet away from each other and yet their words traveled miles to reach each other.  

The Advocate told the accused, “The news is not good.” He proceeded to let him know there would be no escaping the penalty of death for the crimes charged. Beyond the criminal charges the civil aspects of the case would take the entirety of his earthly goods, depriving his wife, children, and grandchildren. Though small, their little home and treasured possessions meant the world to them.

The final and full weight of his crime was more than he could bear. If only he had known, it would cost him everything. Every position, every possession, every part of personal health and wealth was the cost of payment for his sin. As a poor man, the cost in relationships was his greatest treasure lost. None survived, even though they had been everything to him.

The Advocate looking through the darkened glass shared news that was unbelievable. The Judge had offered a plea deal, that He was very hopeful the accused would accept.

A glimmer of hope rose in the heart and mind of the accused. Even if all it meant was his family could keep the meager possessions to comfort them that would be enough to let him die happy. He asked the Defender what the deal offered. His Advocate told him, the Judge had said He would allow the Advocate to die in the place of the accused, and also allow the Advocate to pay the full civil cost of the crime. And the Accused could walk free at that very moment if he would accept this gift of love from his Advocate.

The accused asked the Advocate, “Why would You agree to such a deal? How could YOU do this? What will I owe you?” The Advocate looked at the accused with eyes of a love deeper than any ocean, and said, “All I ask is that you walk worthy of the freedom I give you. That you live your life reflecting an indebtedness to My love for you.” The accused, somewhat like a child, said, “But You won’t even be around to see if I do.” The Advocate told him, “I have chosen to trust you.” Stunned the accused asked again, “Why would you do this for me?”

The Advocate told him the words that would forever change his life, “What you haven’t known throughout this whole case is what I need to tell you.” The accused asked with anticipation, “What’s that?” “I’m your Father” said the Advocate.

My little children, these things write I unto you, that ye sin not. And if any man sin, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous: 2 And he is the propitiation for our sins: and not for ours only, but also for the sins of the whole world. I John 2:1,2

The word “Advocate” here is the fifth and last occurrence of the Greek word, “Parakletos.” The other four occurrences of the word appear in John’s gospel as Comforter. This final appearance deepens our understanding of the great comfort God offers to us. I pray you accept
the plea deal offered you!


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